Behind the Scenes of a Million-Dollar Credit Repair Business

Behind the Scenes of a Million-Dollar Credit Repair Business

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In today’s podcast episode, our Credit Repair Millionaire teaches dispute tactics, and other 'ninja' credit score hacks!

10 years ago, Bruce was working for a credit repair company that had grown from 4 to 400 employees in just a couple of years. Until he found out about the shady tactics that his company was using to take advantage of credit repair…

After that, he decided that he wanted to start over again cleanly, by starting his own credit repair company. Since then, he’s grown it to over a million dollars in revenue, and he hasn’t looked back since.

In today’s episode, he’s going to be going over all practical tips and tricks in relation to credit repair.

Getting your business off the ground, gaining traction, and how to best deliver results for your clients are all discussed in today’s episode.

Make sure to check it out!

Key Takeaways:

Intro (00:00)
How Bruce got started in Credit Repair (02:03)
Using outsourcing at a credit repair business (04:46)
How the dispute process works (08:11)
Why you have to send dispute letters (15:47)
Getting student loans removed (19:25)
Removing collections (25:28)
Should you have a relationship with an attorney? (31:29)
Mortgage foreclosure strategy (32:06)
Removing late payments from a report (35:25)
Getting inquiries off a report (42:58)
Offering student loan relief services (53:53)
Rapid-fire questions (1:02:05)

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