Building a 7-FIGURE Credit Repair Business from Nothing with Israel Cordova

Building a 7-FIGURE Credit Repair Business from Nothing with Israel Cordova

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Israel Cordova, founder of Cordova Financial, has helped thousands of people repair their credit and regain financial security. And best of all? He's made millions doing it!

Today, he’s here to share the remarkable story of how he built a 7-figure credit repair business from nothing after dropping out of school. He'll walk us through everything from learning about credit repair to attracting thousands of customers with clever marketing strategies.

There will also be some invaluable tips for aspiring credit repair entrepreneurs in this episode, so you better stick around!

Key Takeaways:

00:00:00 Intro
00:03:29 Dropping Out of School & Getting Into Credit Repair
00:09:08 Most Common Misunderstandings About Credit Repair
00:10:15 Helping the Spanish-Speaking Community with Credit Repair
00:12:59 Keeping Client Engaged & Committed
00:16:33 Advice for People Looking to Start Their Own Business
00:18:19 Marketing Strategies & Attracting New Clients
00:24:51 Rapid Fire Questions
00:26:21 Outro

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