Top 7 Credit Repair Secrets with Bruce Politano!

Top 7 Credit Repair Secrets with Bruce Politano!

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Hey Credit Heroes!

In today’s episode, we are joined by the walking encyclopedia of credit repair: Bruce Politano!

Bruce is here to tell us his top 7 credit repair secrets, including student loans, foreclosures, bankruptcies, and so much more… all expert advice from a credit repair millionaire!

If you’re looking to get amazing credit-repair results for your clients, then you can’t afford to miss this one.

Make sure you check it out!

Key Takeaways:

Intro (00:00)
How to deal with student loans (02:11)
What you should know about collections ( 08:09)
Can you use FCPDA to get accounts removed? (13:49)
Why late payments are so tricky (17:00)
A big misconception about disputing inquiries (24:04)
Dispute strategy when the data furnisher is the courthouse (30:59)
Episode wrap-up (34:33)

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