Geek Out Fridays - Social Syndication Plan - 02/26/21

Geek Out Fridays - Social Syndication Plan - 02/26/21

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Are you tired of your social media accounts being dead? Do you want to grow a community that is active and engaged?

We are the only company in the world that teaches how to create personas on social media, which will help you build an audience. You can use this strategy for any niche or industry! This is not just about building Facebook pages, but also Instagram, Twitter, YouTube channels, and more.

You’ll learn everything from start to finish including tools we use ourselves as well as strategies we have used with our clients. It doesn't matter if you're new or experienced at marketing - anyone can do this! The training starts next week so register now before it's too late.

Here is the link to the Minion Builders Bootcamp that we are starting next Thursday 3/4/21 at Noon. Save an additional $200 OFF when you use this coupon code: GOF200 (expires on 2/28/21)


Here are the links mentioned during this call:
I use the JARVEE optimized
Hyper-Advanced - MassPlanner Optimized VPS
4 core 6GRAM 60GHDD - Windows 10
$5 SIM Card Preloaded with 1st Month Service No Contract

Unlocked Rugged Smartphones, Blackview BV5900 4G LTE Rugged Cell Phones with Android 10
Important TIP:
Turn off the DATA part of the phone
Turn off phone when not in use
Get 5000+ Fake Names and addresses in CVS format
need monthly credits to make it work
Use some of your Minions to earn credits for posting and sharing

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